Guess what? I started a newsletter!

Alex Pearlman
2 min readFeb 22, 2021

Yes, I started a Substack newsletter.

The weekly email covers issues around assisted reproduction, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, emerging biotechnologies, and everything in between! If you’ve been following for a while, you know my work sits that weird place where policy, academic scholarship, and journalism collide, and that’s what you’ll mostly hear about from me.

I started an email newsletter because I’d like to grow a respectful community where we can talk and write about the future of biotech in a fun and productive way. I’m asking for just $5 a month from subscribers.

Mostly you should subscribe if you can, because I am a freelance writer and an independent researcher and consultant. That means I have no company or institution behind me. I like it that way. I’m free. However, in this dumpster fire we call late-stage capitalism, I also need to buy stuff, like health insurance, preschool for my kid, and food.

For the price of buying me a drink at a dive bar every month, or a nice dinner once a year, please support my work on open science, bioethics, and innovation. I appreciate anything you can do!

Thanks in advance and subscribe to “Sex, Drugs, and Biotech” here:

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